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These are all icons up for grab and use. They were up in the LJ Community, but I decided to consolidate them here. Take them. Do with them what you will (though give appropriate credit, please). If I get others I will be happy to (for the time being at least) post and share them as well.

If you want to send icons, you can either mail them directly or post them in the Livejournal Community. Rest assured, I'll get them either way.

I'm temporarily having Lazy-But-Capricious-Hacker type problems getting 9 of the icons to load on this page--I for the LIFE of me can't figure out why it isn't working, but it keeps telling me those image files don't exist on my server even when I'm staring at the successfully loaded filenames on my FTP program. I'll keep at it, and will update the code back to normal once I figure it out. That is all.

Icons by Betsy-sama
Icons by the Jena-thing
Icons by Star

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