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Update: August '06 Now that the gallery is back up and running *crosses fingers* the next thing on my coding to-do list is to update the fanworks section with all the new shinies we've gotten since the gallery went down in the first place (or, to be more realistic, all the new shinies we've gotten since BEFORE the gallery went down and the last time I got a chance to do so).

As always, anyone with the urge to send us fanworks will be met with gleeful squeals of appreciation: just get in touch with us via the LJ community or e-mailing us directly.

Unexpected Visitor (by Jacquelyn)
Periwinkle (by Jacquelyn)
Comfort (by Jacquelyn)

Antiquity (by Jacquelyn)
Week of the Drabble (by Stariceling)
Just Because (by Jacquelyn)
Warmth (by Jacquelyn)
Halloween Bunny (or "Bunny!Nicodemus")... (by Stariceling)
Reality (by Emptysilver)
Driving Hazard (by Spisak)
Like a Ninja (by Konitsu)
Frivolous Holiday (by Stariceling)
Reflections (by Jacquelyn/Ketsuke)
True Wonder (by Jacquelyn/Ketsuke)
Out of Nowhere (by Stariceling)
Twice Bitten (by Jacquelyn/Ketsuke)
(*new*) Icepack 1 (by Stariceling)
(*new*) New Year (by Stariceling)
fancomic by Raye-chan fancomic by Holly fancomic by Raye-chan fancomic by Raye-chan fancomic by Raylie fancomic by Raye-chan Comic rework by Fish Comic rework by Val Comic rework by Val Comic rework by Val A comic by Mirusama A comic by Roman Birthday Comic by Emily
Fan Art
Ikku & Nicodemus from Miranda Nicodemus by Emily Nicodemus by Alexis Ikku by Alexis Nicodemus by Emily Nicodemus by Raye Chan Jena by Danielle N/N by Raye Chan Nicodemys by Raylie Kelsi by Emily Ikku by Raylie Kelsi by Raylie Chibi Nicodemus by Mel Ikku by Jen Ikky by Jen cast by Raye-chan Kelsi by Jen cast kittens by Raye-chan Ikky by Jen Ikky by Jen Sailor Nicodemus by Emily Naim & Ikku by Emily cast by Ethan Ikky by Holly Nicodemus by Holly Naim by Emily Kelsi by Yuki Nicodemus & Ikku by Scorpy Nicodemus by Saiyuri Nicodemus by Tobias N/J by Raye-chan Kelsi by Saiyuri N/N by ZaneZephyr Naim by FallenSerenity Ikky & Nephritti by Dracothrope N/N by Steven Jester!Nicodemus by Raylie Ikky by Alice chibis by ZaneZephyr Ikku by Alice I/K by Jkatkina Nicodemus by Clara Ikku by Clara Nicodemus by Miranda N/N by Barbaroshima J/N by Raye-chan Nicodemus by Konitsu Nicodemus by Mirusama Cheerleader by InsanityIsBliss Nicodemus by Snufffie Nicodemus by Raye-chan Ikku puppet by Alice Kelsi & Nicodemus by ZaneZephyr chibis by ZaneZephyr Nicodemus by Jennelle N/N by Jennelle cast by Anastasia Naim by Mel Kelsi by Anke Nicodemus by Mel Ikku by Mel Kelsi by Mel Nicodemus by Alice Nicodemus and Ikku by Anastasia Nicodemus by Zane Zephyr N & N & self by Stacey Apathy Mascott by Zane Zephyr Nicodemus by Bluephish Jena & Nicodemus by Zane Zephyr N/N by Stacey I/N by Holly Nicodemus & Ikku by Snufffie Nicodemus & Ikku by Snufffie Nicodemus by theKestrel Kelsi and Naim by Snufffie Ikku by Alice Nicodemus Samurai by Anastasia Naim/Nicodemus ponies by Roman Wunderlich
Not Quite
Fan Art
The Original Kelsi Nicodemus's cat The Original Nicodemus

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