A wonderful piece of ninja-y fluff sent by the ever-shiny Konitsu. Read and enjoy! Do it now!

Like a Ninja

by Konitsu

"Stealthy," Naim deadpanned as he handed Nicodemus a battered history text, "Like a ninja."

The darker boy might have taken offense if Naim wasn't stuck in some sort of eternal monotony, and thus would probably herald the apocalypse with all the inflection on usually granted a lunch order. Nicodemus being pushed down the school stairs probably ranked a '' on Naim's 'shock and awe' scale.

"I wasn't trying to be stealthy," Nicodemus muttered, shoving a few notebooks back into his bag, "I was -trying- to walk down the stairs."

"Hn," another book was pushed helpfully into his hands.

Endearing and insufferably attractive as Naim's stoicism could be, sometimes Nicodemus was tempted to show up on his door step at three in the morning in a tutu and bunny ears, impersonating Sailor Moon. Maybe -then- he'd garner a reaction a little more interesting than 'hn'.

Though he had to admit that was a hell of a lot more than what Naim gave most people - up to and including his stalker.

And if he did such an audacious thing, he'd have to explain exactly why he knew Sailor Moon well enough to impersonate her, and 'Jacob made me do it' wasn't a valid explanation in this town.

"Are you alright?"

Nicodemus blinked and refocused on the objection of his preoccupation, only then noticing that he had completely spaced out. And hey, staring off into space had gained an -entire- -sentence-, and a mildly concerned one at that. Break out the marching band and streamers.

"I'm fine, just a little bruised."

And it would be a special occasion when he wasn't bruised, so he wasn't too terribly worried about some black and blue knees.

"That's good," Naim said, without really convincing Nicodemus that he thought it was a good thing.

The brunette stood up, gave Nicodemus's leash a farewell yank, and headed off down the hall.

"That was terribly inconspicuous of you," Kelsi was smiling, Nicodemus could tell from her tone.

He turned to face her,

"What? Falling down the stairs?" Why did they all seem to think that had been his attempt at Olympic gymnastics?

"No. Naim."


He had something of an idea what she was getting at, but he hoped to hell that he was wrong. Besides, he'd learned his lesson about telling Kelsi what she was supposed to be thinking, and had quickly decided to never, ever do it again.

She was scary.

"Don't act like you're stupid."

Damn overly perceptive girls.

Nicodemus, cleverly trying to avoid incriminating himself, shrugged and started off down the hall.

"You can't stay stealthy for long," she called after him, "You're not a ninja!"

Nicodemus was thoroughly convinced the world was engaged in some sort of elaborate conspiracy against him.

The End


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