*grin* Jacquelyn takes a stab at femslash of the UC variety in this adorable ficlet. *lip-zipping motion* Just read it. Seriously.


by Jacquelyn

Kelsi tugged her jacket closed. Stupid zipper. Stupid bad luck. She tried not to let her shivering show while walking into the school. Stupid wind.

She paused in front of the doors. Something didn't feel right. It was quiet, and people were.. not there. Shrugging, she explained their absence with the highly probable possibility she was late. She reached for the door, only to be stopped by a glomp from behind.


Ikku. Right. Just Ikku. Calm down, breathe.

"Uh.. morning," it sounded weak even to her.

"What're you doing here?" A lavender stripe surrounded by darker brunette fell into Kelsi's view as the other girl stood tip-toe to peer over her shoulder.

Sharing space like this, she didn't feel so cold anymore. "This is our school, isn't it?"

"Of course! But it's Sunday."

Funny. Suddenly she had the urge to strangle her brother. "I think I'll go back home."

"You don't want to do that."

"Don't I?"


Patented smile in place, Ikku spun Kelsi around. She looked into confused green eyes before laughing and bringing a hand up to gently rest against her cheek. The slightest amount of pressure had the desired result, and she made her move.

As far as kisses went, it could have been better. A little on the dry side, and poor Kelsi was too stunned to respond all that well. But the second, when that cute little tongue traced already reddening lips before closing the distance? She wasn't going to complain. No, she was a very happy Ikku.

The End


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