I honestly don't know how I managed to not post this story yet. 'tis a drabbly ficlet from the marvelous Jacquelyn. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we did.

Just Because

by Jacquelyn


Some sort of commotion was going on outside. Ikku could hear it, wanted to see it, but was stuck behind the classroom door. She couldn't even see anything through the window. Stupid school. Stupid teacher. Maybe she could escape.

"Uh, Mr-"


"But I haven't even asked yet!"

The teacher narrowed his eyes. "I am aware of that."


"No. You look and sound healthy. No trip to the clinic. The librarian told me you never showed up there. And you already asked me to use the restroom before class started." He showed the barest hint of a smile as he continued, "There are twenty minutes left. Deal."

Ikku pouted, telling herself it was too late anyway. The sounds had stopped. Yet she was unable to keep from staring longingly through the glass.


Kelsi couldn't stand it any longer. She stalked up to the group she had seen gather around Nicodemus.

"Back off," she demanded, glaring.

The boy with his hand poised to punch paused. He looked around for the person who dared interrupt, and paled when he inadvertently met her eyes. His gaze crept back to his favorite punching bag then to his hand. He really liked his arm. Wanted to keep it. Cautiously, he lowered the appendage and backed away.

"What are you doing?" One of his bully-buds questioned. "It's just a girl."

Immediately Kelsi's attention shifted and graced the ignorant schoolboy with the full weight of her fury.

"I. Said. Back. Off." She took great pleasure watching him start to squirm. "Do it. Now."

Trying to look like they weren't running from a girl, the boys did as they were told. She kept her guard up, glare stabbing through each one as they retreated. It didn't surprise her when she heard one of them mutter under their breath. What they said infuriated her.

She considered laying them flat on the ground. Then thought of something better.

Stepping up to Nicodemus, she covertly whispered for him to follow her lead. He did, and Kelsi found herself surprised. As did everyone else. A hushed sense of awe spread through the phys-ed class.

Nicodemus was an expert kisser of girls.

The End


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