A drabble fromJacquelyn. Short and beautiful and marvelously in character. Marvel!

True Wonder

by Jacquelyn

There would always be something keeping him from ever figuring Ikku out. Of course, he would first like to know how she had gotten under his defenses. If people didn’t stop wiggling under, squirming around, or just plain bashing through – as Ikku’s method was probably better termed – he would have to become a true hermit. Surely he had enough channels to look through. Somebody could find an island or some such for his sole occupancy. A volcano, perhaps. Due to erupt any day.

“Nicodemus! Look!”

It hadn’t taken long to learn the true fear her current tone demanded, he mused silently.

“What am I looking at?”

Ikku laughed, “That! It’s so wonderful.”

“Oh.. that. Yes. Nice.” He didn’t want to know.

The End


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