2004 They DO exist fanworks competition grand prize winner
The "Why didn't WE think of that?!" Award
Jacquelyn receives GRAND PRIZE for this, the cutest-ever fanfiction in the world to date. We really can't gush enough about it, and as such, we're simply going to shut up and let the story speak for itself.


by Jacquelyn

Whispers echoed down the corridor. Soft sounds providing an audible, if unintelligible trail to the room of their creators. Conspiracy thrived while life continued on, oblivious.

As day turned to evening, the whispers softened until the thin walls were enough to keep them contained. The sun continued its decent, and night relieved day of its burdens.

The whispers continued long into the dark.

Dawn found the conspirators in a tangled heap. Brave bars of light crept across the floor, reaching out for the pair sprawled across the floor. Attentively highlighting every crease in the clothing as they braved the chaos, their goal to wake the sleepers coming closer to being obtained with every passing moment.

They were just about fifteen minutes too late.

"Ernmph," the bottom form mumbled coherently.

"Mmern." Replied the top.

Both started to drift back into a pleasant slumber. Somewhere smothered by drowsiness in both brains, realization hit with synchronous reactions.

The peaceful scene erupted with movement as both forms scrambled apart. Wide-eyed gazes met across the room, lungs laboring to regain oxygen lost in the adrenaline rush. One hand gripping his leash in an effort to calm himself, the former bottom sat with his mouth slightly open in a pant. Words rushed through his mind colliding in incomprehensible sentences. All pressure to break the silence shifted to his companion. The female, one rarely left grasping for words, was up to the challenge.

"You make a great pillow. What do you say to me coming Sunday through Thursday night?"


"No? But, Nicodemus, just think of everything I could do at school if I slept that well!"

Slowly, his thoughts were actually connecting. Instead of piling up in something resembling a plane crashing into a train.

"That.. would be scary."

"Poo! What's for breakfast, then?"

Leave handling every situation in stride to Ikku.

"Uh, the bakery is open?"

"Too far! I'll fix something!"

The very thought of letting his hyper friend using the stove brought images of his house lighting up the sky in an impressive display of flammability. So, with not-so-gentle coaxing Nicodemus was able to convince her out. Of course, he had to pick up the tab. If it avoided the disaster that was his friend, he would figure out how to buy an entire chain of restaurants.

As they walked home, Ikku attached herself to his arm and chattered away. He was scanning the sky for interesting clouds when he suddenly halted. The unprepared girl stumbled, jerking his arm painfully. Nicodemus had made some sort of noncommittal sound easily mistaken as one meant to show agreement, and realized he may have managed to land himself somewhere he didn't want to be.

"What?" Ikku started to pout. "It's too late to change your mind. You already agreed it should be periwinkle!"

"Wh-" he coughed. "What will be periwinkle?"

"The dress, silly!"

Crap. Why, oh why did he have to choose now to forget and let his guard down? It was too late, but not to change his mind. Now that Ikku had it set in her mind, there was no squirming free.

"When am I wearing it, and where?"


Grinning, Ikku released his arm long enough to squeeze his still healing ribs in something others might mistake for a hug.



Her voice came from somewhere between his solar plexus and his spine. He wiggled a little, trying to get her to understand that was the last of his breath. She finally released him when he let his knees buckle. Then it was only because he was careful to make sure he wouldn't land on bottom, and she really liked the shirt she had on.

Distraction. He needed a distraction. Once oxygen was being carried through his veins again he waited for her to look at him before asking, "You aren't going to fall asleep at my house again tonight, are you?"

"Depends." Her mischievous grin made Nicodemus shiver, "You going to tell me anything about Naim being there to nurse you yet?"

Wrong distraction.

Blushing, he gave in. He wasn't up for another night of Ikku-style interrogation.

~ * ~

She had planned it. There was no way she could have found or made a dress in two days that fit so well. How did she know his measurements anyway? What exactly did one measure for a dress?

"It's perfect!" Ikku declared. "Now, all you have to do is put this on."

She held up a suspicious looking strip of cloth. Whatever it was, Nicodemus knew he wouldn't like it.


"Secret!" She was too happy about this.

"That's a blindfold, isn't it?"


"One condition." He wasn't going down without a fight.

"Depends, what is it?"

"I get to wear the trench coat until we've reached wherever it is you're going to take me."

She mulled over the condition. It wasn't too bad. Might even save him from a few more unpleasant meetings with fists at school.


That, the drag victim decided, was too easy. As he slipped his arms into the trench an air of impending doom sought to suffocate him. Swallowing the feeling, he buttoned up and closed his eyes.

"Just try not to kill me, okay?"

Blindfold firmly in place, Ikku grabbed his leash and tugged him forward.

"So convenient! Every man should come with a leash." Giving in to a grin that would have sent deep shivers through Nicodemus, she added, "You won't regret this"

He already did.

Several new bruises were forming by the time Ikku gave the order to stop. Leash was not the best way to lead a blind person. His coat was removed, and she gave him a final inspection. A few tugs to get the dress draping correctly again brought his appearance back to her satisfaction.

"Stand here," she ordered while tugging his arms behind him. His leash was once more used against him when she looped it around his wrists. Even before he tried, Nicodemus knew it would take a while to free himself.

Then she was gone. He heard a laugh, followed by a voice that turned his blood to ice.

"Why are you in my house?"

There was more laughter. Soon it was muffled by the closing of a door, and Nicodemus listened as Ikku sadistically left him. Life sucked.

Distracted by self-pity, he failed to hear Naim enter the room. After an eternity lasting three minutes or so, he did feel the hand on his shoulder. He squeaked. No other word for it - he squeaked.

Due to Fate's enjoyment of his discomfort, Nicodemus was granted a photo quality memory of what he had seen in the mirror before being blindfolded.

He wouldn't say periwinkle was his color, but the dress looked.. Well, it looked good. The arms were made of sheer fabric, hiding his bruises and adding a taste of elegance at the same time. The décolletage neckline was pulled off only because of his gender, he convinced himself. Truthfully, it accentuated his form nicely. Stopping just above the floor, the skirt was full and flowing. Guilty of spinning around to test it out, Nicodemus knew how beautiful the dress would look worn by the right girl on a dance floor.

Suddenly, his memory shattered. It pulled nearly every last coherent thought left with it.

"Are you trying to tell me something?"

His legs gave out. Luckily - or not - Naim caught him. Hot breath caressed his already blushing cheeks again with another whisper.

"I'll take that as a yes, hm? Shh.. relax."

Life was very unfair. Then, there was the kissing. He could do without the kisses. They made him want more. Stupid kisses.

And Nicodemus surrendered.

The End


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