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'k, here's the explanation behind the not-quite-fanart section: these are pictures drawn by our brilliantly talented friend Emily Sande, but they're not fan art. Because they were drawn before UC was born as a webcomic, when the characters and events still existed primarily in Betsy's head, and in the stories she had already written with them.

In fact, this picture of Kelsi is what the character design was based on. She's changed a little, mostly as Jena had to modify bits in order to reproduce her consistently (or at least sort of consistently), but the basic design is the same. And wonderful. And we thank Emily for letting us post these here. *glomp*


All characters and images on this site are © Betsy Jorgensen & Jena Lombardi (except in the case of fanworks where specified). No takies, or we bring out the ninja-wombats.   You were warned.